Take your organizing to the next level.

Engage your supporters, mobilize your volunteers, and organize your network into a powerful movement for change. Nudj was designed for professional organizers, but it's so easy to use that anyone can learn it in minutes.

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Why Nudj?

Nudj is software for organizing networks and campaigns

Networks and campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming to manage. Nudj combines easy-to-use data tools with a powerful network and supporter management system.

Network management

Nudj automates and distributes the work of managing and supporting your community. It can auto-assign tasks, manage groups, organize events, and send personalized messages. Learn more.

A hub for your community

The Nudj platform can sit at the centre of your network and allow members to connect and share information, plan events, do work and more. Learn more.


“We are committed to offering you the best possible experience when it comes to managing your network. We offer a no-question 100% refund within the first 3 months if Nudj isn't working for you.”

Max Deacon, CEO

How does it work?

Nudj provides a powerful toolkit to grow and activate your network of supporters and members.

Tasks. Assign organizing tasks, call lists, donation requests (and more) to individuals, groups, or automatically to new users.

People. Get instant info on any person (or organization) in your network using rapid search and instant segmentation.

Events. Allow anyone in your network to quickly create, join, volunteer, and subscribe to the events happening in your network.

Groups. Create 10s, hundreds or thousands of action teams, group message boards and more. Filter and search instantly.

Donations. Accept donations through one of our powerful integrations, and stay on top of who donated, how much, and when.

Analytics. Get instant insight into how your network is growing, how engaged people are, and where you should focus your time.