Rik Logtenberg
Councillor, Nelson BC
"Climate Change is the biggest challenge we face as a country. I'm proud to be a part of the Climate Caucus and help lead the country to meaningful action."
Megan Curren
Councillor, District of North Vancouver
"We’re in a climate and ecological emergency and we can’t wait for Provincial or Federal action."
Will Cole-Hamilton
Councillor, Courtenay BC
"Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing all of our local govts. Climate Caucus allows us to speak with one voice to secure the resources and policies we need from senior levels of govt."
Michael Wiebe
Councillor, Vancouver BC
Jessica Mcilroy
Councillor, North Vancouver
"The only thing that is lacking to address climate change is political will. As elected officials, it is our responsibility to call for action and pull together support."
Robert Kiley
Councillor, Kingston ON
"Climate change is an emergency and cities need more money from provincial/federal governments to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Our communities must reduce our emissions 5% year over year to be carbon neutral no later than 2040."
Lisa Helps
Mayor, City of Victoria
"I'm part of the Climate Caucus because I believe that climate action is more important than partisan politics. I'm thrilled to be part of a forward-looking and action-oriented of people who want to help each other from coast to coast to coast."
Tony St-Pierre
Councillor, Sooke BC
"The survival of the biosphere, our species and our society is threatened in a terrifying way. Everyone needs to understand the stakes and take action immediately in order for our children to live."
Doug Whillans
Councillor Brampton ON
CaroleAnn Leishman
Councillor, Powell River BC
Amy Lubik
Councillor, Port Moody BC
"The Climate Caucus is a much-needed opportunity for local governments, those on the front lines of fires, heat waves, floods and catastrophes, to share resources and push other governments to take action."
Carilyne Hebert
Councillor, Cornwall ON
Jenn Pfenning
Councillor, Wilmot Township ON/Farmer
Jenna Stoner
Councillor, Squamish BC
Ramona Faust
Regional Director, Central Kootenay BC
Arzeena Hamir
Regional Director, Comox Valley BC
Eric Zhelka
Councillor, Oak Bay BC
Leanne Piper
Councillor Guelph ON
Patricia Pearson
Councillor, North Saanich BC
Murray Weisenberger
Councillor, North Saanich BC
"The hourglass is nearly empty. We owe our children and grandchildren a chance to flourish on our beautiful planet. The science is clear. We must act now!"
Ben Geselbracht
Councillor, Nanaimo BC
Chris Pettingill
Councillor, Squamish BC
Terri O'Keeffe
Councillor Sidney BC
Christine Boyle
Councillor, City of Vancouver
"The science of climate change is frightening, and the work ahead is significant. I'm so grateful for the company of local government colleagues through Climate Caucus, who collectively put aside partisanship to focus on the urgent task of climate action."
Erika Johanson
Councillor, White Rock BC
Gery Lemon
Councillor, View Royal BC
Tony Valente
Councillor North Vancouver
John Manuel
Councillor, Golden BC
Cyra Yunkws
Councillor Warfield BC
Richard Zurawski
Councillor, Halifax NS
"It’s imperative that we reach the 1.5-degree goal. If we do not do this, we'll face heat-related deaths, water shortages, wildfires and more."
Jesse Woodward
Councillor, Nelson BC
"In coming decades, all of humanity and the natural world will be forged in the crucible of the climate crisis. We must act boldly now and decarbonize quickly. Our collective survival hangs in the balance."
Leah Main
Councillor, Silverton BC | Director, RDCK
Steve Roddick
Councillor, Whitehorse YK
James Gordon
Councillor, Guelph ON
Casda Thomas
Councillor, Smithers BC
Arielle Kayabaga
Councillor, London ON
Derek Giberson
Councillor Oshawa ON
Loyal Wooldridge
Councillor, Kelowna BC
Petrina Arnason
Councillor, Langley BC
"Local government is the seat of action where policies and decision-making can lead to enhanced climate mitigation. When we work together with all levels of government and collectivize our advocacy, we'll achieve more to the benefit of all Canadians."
Jean Rousseau
Conseiller, la Ville de Quebec.
Chak Au
Cyndi Gerlach
Trustee, North Van School District
Michael Wolfe
Councillor, Richmond BC
Elizabeth Peloza
Councillor, London ON
Ann Baird
Councillor, District of Highlands, BC
Debbie Chapman
Councillor Kitchener ON
Arjun Singh
Councillor, Kamloops BC | President UBCM
Michael Baxter
Councillor Colwood BC
Royce Bodaly
Councillor Waterloo ON
Kent Goodwin
Councillor, Kimberly BC
Jesse Ketler
Councillor, Cumberland BC
Keenan Aylwin
Councillor, Barrie ON
Catherine Heron
Mayor, St. Albert AB
Sarina Gersher
Councillor, Saskatoon SK
Leslie Adams
Councillor, Golden BC
Gregory Heming
Councillor, Annapolis County
Tenille Bonoguore
Councillor | Waterloo City Council
Andreas Tize
Regional Director, Roberts Creek BC
"There is no more urgent issue that we have direct control over in the world today. Let's create a future for our children."
Brittny Anderson
Councillor, Nelson BC
Angela Girard
City Councillor
Blaise Salmon
Director, Cowichan Valley Regional District
Jeff Bateman
Councillor, Sooke BC
Rowena Santos
Councillor Brampton ON
Joel Murray
Councillor, Regina SK
"In October 2018 I co-sponsored a motion for Regina to become a renewable city by 2050. My goal with my time in office is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in my city and advance our sustainability planning."
Doug Holmes
Councillor, Summerland BC
Rob Rainer
Councillor, Tay Valley Township ON
Greg Brown
Councillor, Smithers BC
Terry Marleau
Councillor. Kitimat BC
Keith Page
Councillor, Nelson BC
"I want to ensure our climate change policy is not only followed through on, but expanded and combined with the need to formalized and strengthen our Emergency Preparedness."
Kathy Moore
Mayor, Rossland BC
Patrick Johnstone
Councillor New Westminster BC
Donna McMahon
Rural Director, Sunshine Coast Regional District
Anthony Manning
Councillor, White Rock BC
Adriane Carr
Councillor, Vancouver BC
Andrew Stevens
Councillor Regina SK
Laurel Collins
Councillor, City of Victoria
"Cities have a critical role to play in transitioning to a low-carbon future, but it will take urgent and unprecedented action."
Tyler Brown
Councillor, Nanaimo BC
Ben Isitt
Councillor, Victoria BC
Zac De Vries
Councillor, Saanich BC
Diane Freeman
Councillor, Waterloo ON
Mark Fisher
Regional Director, Smithers BC
Toni Boot
Mayor, Summerland BC
Roly Russell
Regional Director, RDKB BC
Natasha Kulikowski
Mayor, Inuvik
Leah Noble
Councillor Pemberton BC
Sarah Kirby-Yung
Councillor, City of Vancouver
Tom Galloway
Councillor, Region of Waterloo
Vanessa Craig
Regional Director, Nanaimo BC
Val van den Broek
Councillor, Langley BC
Karrie Porter
Julius Bloomfield
Councillor, Penticton BC
Andrew Appleton
Stephanie Mcgowan
Councillor, Comox BC
Bob Wells
Mayor, Courtenay BC
Helen Poon
Councillor, Port Alberni BC
Norma Blissett
Councillor, Cranbrook BC
Ned Taylor
Councillor, Saanich BC | Director CRD
"This is the most pressing issue facing our world; we have the opportunity to be leaders and take bold action."
Pete Fry
Councillor, City of Vancouver
Alex Bissinger
Councillor, Comox BC
Bruce Beattie
Reeve, Mountain View County AB
Sara Duncan
Councillor, Sidney BC
Dirk Lewis
Councillor, Rossland BC
Vickey Brown
Councillor, Village of Cumberland
Steve Clarke
Mayor, Orillia ON
Dannielle Alan
Regional Director, Prince George BC
Meagan Brame
Councillor, Esquimalt BC
Andy Morel
Councillor, Rossland BC | Director RDKB
Jason Blanch
Councillor, Amherst NS
Melanie McCollum
Councillor, Courtenay BC
Rodrigo Goller
Councillor, Guelph ON
Jason Clarke
Mayor, Silverton BC
Danielle Valiquette
Councillor, Grey Highlands ON
Lani Gibson
Councillor, Kitimat BC
Rebecca Mersereau
Councillor, Saanich BC
Kelly Greene
Councillor, Richmond BC
Andy MacKinnon
Councillor, Metchosin, BC
Sam Austin
Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
David Hocking
Councillor, Bowen Island BC
Ken Armour
Councillor, Esquimalt BC
Sharmarke Dubow
Councillor, Victoria BC
Dylan Kruger
Councillor, Delta City
David Mitchell
Councillor Bridgewater NS
Erin Hemmens
Councillor, Nanaimo BC
Michelle Staples
Christopher Justice
Cyrille Simard
Mayor, Edmunston NB
Steven Pettigrew
Councillor, Surrey BC
Peter Mckenna
Councillor, Smith Falls ON
Nathan Townend
Councillor, Loyalist Township ON
David West
Councillor, Richmond Hill ON
Jim Neill
Councillor, Kingston ON
Nadine Nakagawa
Councillor, New Westminster BC
Gerry Wilkie
Regional Director, Kimberly BC
Lisa Muri
Councillor District of North Vancouver
Cria Pettingill
Councillor, Brock ON
Cheryl Antoski
Councillor, Brantford ON
Judy Brownoff
Councillor, Saanich BC
Mike Layton
Councillor, Toronto ON
Merlin Blackwell
Mayor, Clearwater BC
Christine Gosselin
Counceiller, Montreal PQ
John Fenik
Mayor, Perth ON
Leslie Baird
Mayor, Cumberland BC
Bill Mcnulty
Councillor, Richmond BC
Taylor Bachrach
Mayor, Smithers BC
Ange Qualizza
Mayor, Fernie BC
Kate Marsh
Councillor, North Cowichan BC
Terra Lennox-Zepp
Councillor, Prince Albert SK
Colleen O'Neill
Councillor, Mahone Bay NS
Ian Froude
Councillor St John’s
John Inglis
Councillor, North Frontenac ON
Don Bonner
Councillor, Nanaimo BC
Darryl Oakley
Councillor, City of Kimberley
Jessica Lunn
Mayor, Slocan City BC
Phil Allt
Councillor, Guelph ON
Rob Southcott
Councillor. Powell River BC
Glenn Pollock
Councillor, Port Coquitlam
Geoff Mccausland
Councillor, Sudbury ON
Sadie Hunter
Councillor, Kamloops BC
Crystal Froese
Councillor, Moose Jaw SK
Patrick Merlihan
Councillor, Woolwich ON
Elizabeth Clarke
Councillor, Region of Waterloo ON
Pat McKenna
Councillor, Comox BC
Louise Wallace
Councillor, Salmon Arm BC
Al Sizer
Councillor, Sudbury ON
Barrie Crampton
Councillor, Tay Valley ON
Jamie Nicholls
Mayor, Hudson PQ
Joanne Dirs
Councillor, Ajax ON
Lisa Blackburn
Councillor, Halifax NS
David Frisch
Councillor, Courtenay BC
Florio Vassilakakis
Councillor, Castlegar BC
Yousef Ahmed
Councillor, Maple Ridge BC
Shauna Morgan
Councillor, Yellowknife NWT
Doug Hilian
Councillor, Courtenay BC
Wendy Morin
Councillor, Courtenay BC
Gregory K Ericson
Councillor Fredericton NB
Brian White
Councillor Sarnia ON
Betty Forbes
Councillor, North Vancouver BC
Tony Mancini
Deputy Mayor Halifax
Rosalie Sawrie
Councillor, North Cowichan BC
Jim Hanson
Councillor, District of North Vancouver
Amanda Mcdougall
Councillor, Cape Breton NS
Tara Ney
Councillor Oak Bay BC
Berry Vrbanovic
Mayor, Kitchener ON
Romeyn Stevenson
Councillor, Iqaluit
Richard Barkwill
Councillor, Summerland BC
Yvonne Prest
Councillor, Fernie BC
Rory McMillan
Councillor Kenora ON
Gord Klassen
Councillor, Fort St John BC
Rebecca Bligh
Councillor, Vancouver BC
Spencer Coyne
Mayor, Princeton BC
Margaret Johnston
Councillor, Kitchener ON
David Frisch
Councillor, Courtenay BC
Hunter Madsen
Councillor, Port Moody BC